Lesson 8: A Toolbox Full of Words: Descriptions to Keep Handy

Lesson Aim: 

Write generous and simple sentences. 

Comprehension Check:

Define the four parts of speech that are discussed in this video and provide an example of each one. Now use your example words to make a sentence.

1. Noun

2. Verb

3. Adjective

4. Adverb

Writing Exercise: 

Write two sentences. One sentence will be as simple and clear as possible, conveying action with no fluff. The other sentence shall be stocked with vibrant, zany, lively, dynamic descriptors throughout. Repeat five times. Have fun with the sentences! Which serves the reader better in your story?

OPTIONAL – Writing Your Story: 

Add some descriptions to your story to make the images and emotions clearer. Ask a trusted friend for feedback on your additions.

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