Lesson 2: The Most Important Thing About the Beginning of a Story

Lesson Aim: 

Identify keys for story beginnings and common mistakes to avoid. 

Comprehension Check:

Fill in the blanks to complete the keys for story beginnings: 

1. Introduce a ____________________ we care about.

2. Introduce a ____________________ we want solved.

3. Introduce the ____________________ who are going to make solving that problem _________________________. 

Fill in the blanks to complete the mistakes to avoid: 

1. Starting way before ______________________________

2. Starting with ______________________________

3. Assuming readers feel __________________________________________________

Writing Exercise: 

Complete all three prompts below.

  • Identify the problem in your story world. What is causing it? What could fix it? 
  • Who or what is the opposing “force”? How are they connected with the problem? Give them a name, a power, and a weakness. 
  • Who is your main character? Why do they care about the problem? Give them a name, a power, and a weakness. Optional: Use Graphic Organizer B to help you.

OPTIONAL – Writing Your Story: 

Write an introduction for your main character with a minimum of 50 words. When you finish, ask a trusted friend to read it and give you this feedback:

  1. Did I give too much backstory? (Do you feel interested in learning more?)
  2. Did I give too many details? (Do you see a clear and animated picture?)
  3. Did I lead my reader into this world I’ve created? (Do you feel like you are with me?)

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